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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dog Days of August

August has been brutal so far.  Never mind that it has been near or above 100 degrees for the past month at least 80% of the time there is just a lot to do all of a sudden and I can barely muster up the energy to get through the day.

I stay inside most days because here in Raleigh, NC when it's 100 degrees the humidity makes it feel 10 degrees warmer.  You can cut the heat with a knife and get drenched when venturing out even to your mail box.  This kind of heat gives me a headache and makes me extremely cranky.  

Since I have limited access to transportation (we've been down to one car for over two years now) I have to plan running errands on the weekend (first thing in the morning) or during the week in the afternoon if my husband gets home before 5:00 p.m.  I really don't have that much running around to do, truth be told, since I have limited funds but sometimes I just need to get out for a change of scenery.

This past weekend was 'tax-free'.  Meaning, there was no sales tax charged on certain back to school items and some electronic stuff including computers.  I love saving money but I hate crowds so normally I would bypass such an event because it really doesn't add up to much savings if you factor in the aggravation and time spent in line.  However, this year the tax-free weekend coincided with our need for a new computer for our son who is starting high school in a couple of weeks.  His computer died about two weeks ago.  It was over five years old any way.  I really don't know much about technology (I always shut down when people start spewing out terms that sound like a foreign language that I have no interest in learning).  The whole thing just gets me sick to my stomach. 

So, after checking out BJ's to see if they had something in our price-range and compatible to our needs we headed off to Best Buy.  I hate that store.  But, I will say that they had it 'organized'.  Basically, you stood in line and waited for a salesperson to assist you in answering questions and matching your needs with the 'right' computer for you.  After five minutes or so I lost it.  I had a meltdown in the store and had to walk away.  I cried in a corner.  I just got totally pissed that they try to sell you a computer and then there's all of these 'extras' which in my mind should be included in the original friggin price.  Every time I go there I feel like I get bent over and raped.  Warranties, back up systems, tech support...if you really need that stuff then include it in the first place for Christ's sake!

Other things going on that have caused unnecessary anxiety and made this month smell like a dog (hence my usage of the term 'dog days of August'):

- Having to learn how to use a Flip video camera to record an audition and then submit it online.  As I said before, me and technology just do not click so this caused me many a sleepless night.  Never mind the fact that there were lines to remember, lighting to figure out, practice, and cut after cut.  I'm happy to say we made it and I feel glad that I can cross this off my list.

- Nicolas going to 'Flight School' or orientation this week and then starting high school later this month.  My little boy is venturing out on a new chapter in his academic career.  His schedule looks pretty good.  We've been studying for the SAT this summer and doing some math review so I'm confident that he will do well this year.  He knows how important it is to get good grades so that you have a good GPA and class standing when college application time rolls around.

- Sending my oldest son Justin back for his second year of college next week.  The good thing is it is not as stressful as last year when we ended up over-packing and worrying about everything under the sun.  This year he knows what he needs, he knows we can always bring him any additional items at a later time, and we are all much calmer.  This doesn't mean I will miss him any less but we will all feel an emptiness when he leaves.

- The recent inability for our government representatives to work as a team and put the reputation of America and the needs of its citizens first really has me dragging my butt with a sense of dread.  The manic machinations of Wall Street for the last couple of days in response to the dropping of our credit rating has me worried.  And, it is evident that the global economy and world is responding to America's inability to pull it together.  Everyone will be effected by America's inability to get our act together.

And, as we near the end of the dog days of August we approach the serene, and calming cat days of September.  One can only hope!

(Please note:  This post was created on 8/8/11 and edited/posted on 8/30/2011.)

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