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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Easy Way Out?

Okay, I know, I know, what happened to the goal of one blog post per week  for 2011?  Yes, I realize I already re-committed to my resolutions last week and I am once-again falling short of the goal line.

Rather than scoring a goose egg by the end of the year and being disappointed in myself (once again) I've decided to take the easy way out.

Or is it?

My new goal for 2011 (and it is my only goal, or resolution) is to adopt The Power of The Secret which, according to author Rhonda Byrne,  is LOVE.  This means that all of my thoughts and energy will be born out of love.  This sense of positivity that originates out of love will generate all that the law of attraction will allow me to receive.  

Sounds hokey but I am willing to embrace this idea.  And, coming from a person who has been encased in negativity for a long time, this should be a challenging exercise.  So, it's not really an 'easy way out'.

I envision my conduct throughout 2011 to involve conscious decision-making efforts all derived from a positive place of love.  In looking back on the last few weeks since the beginning of the year I can already spot a couple of incidences where I've altered my behavior and affirmed my minor contribution to the universe.

I offered to proofread my niece's website and summarize the corrections and enhancements.  When I completed the task my niece asked how much she owed me.  I never went into the project for monetary gain.  I offered my assistance because I want my niece to continue her success and I was happy to find a way that I could contribute my skills and talents.  It felt good to give my time to a person I care about.  My actions came out of love.

I was in the check-out line at the Aldi grocery store last Saturday.  I went with $60 in my wallet and planned my purchase to the dollar.  It's the stuff we do to make ends meet in this economy.  There was a young woman in front of me with two young children.  I overheard the cashier give a total and watched as items had to be deducted so that the woman could make her purchase with the money she had.  She was about to put away the bunch of bananas and was only $1 short.  I spoke up and told the cashier that I would cover the dollar.  No, it wasn't a big deal but to me seeing young kids denied healthy fruit was ridiculous.  I guess I did this out of my love for humanity and caring that kids have healthy foods in their diet.  Yes, I had just enough money for my own purchase.

One of my best AVON clients wrote a check for her purchase.  By accident she wrote the wrong amount.  She was only short a couple of dollars.  To me, her overall business track record with me is the most important thing.  Losing a couple of dollars is nothing compared to maintaining a long business relationship.  I'd rather have a happy customer than a customer peeved that she had to dig back in her pocket for a couple of bucks.  My customer's satisfaction is the most important thing when it comes to my AVON business.

A friend has been documenting her dating mishaps on Facebook.  As I read about each disappointing rendezvous I got bummed out for her.  I really want her to have a successful dating and love life, one that enhances her happiness.  She is such a wonderful and smart woman.  She deserves someone of her caliber and intelligence.  So, I wrote her a note offering support and suggestions for expanding her network of possibilities.  I may have crossed the line but it totally came out of love and care for my friend's happiness.

Finally, since my youngest returned to school after winter break I boxed up the Playstation 2 and Microsoft XBOX 360 game systems and video games.  I placed them on the top shelf in the closet.  Last Friday was the last day of the quarter.  While my original guideline was to evaluate whether or not they would reappear after a report card was in hand, I changed my mind.  Why? You may ask (or not).  Well, the short answer is I love my son and want him to be happy.  It was a long weekend (he had Monday off for a teacher work day) and I really respected how hard he worked the last couple of weeks.  I'm not sure if he made the A/B honor roll (I'll find out this Friday) but I know he put forth the effort and I truly love him for that.

So, operating from a place of love and positivity will definitely have it's challenges this year.  I will continue to pat myself on the back for the little changes I make and the victories.  I'll strive to give more and operate my daily life from a place of positivity.

Do you have a cavity yet from all of the sugary sweetness?


  1. Bravo for honoring your commitment to yourself and for the courage to share your wins with us!

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

    I only hope as the year goes on you will be comfortable enough in operating from this space that apologizing for it becomes unnecessary. It is neither hokey or sugary sweet. What it is, my friend, is COURAGEOUS. You are making a conscious choice to reboot & not operate from society's default setting of FEAR.

    Love does not DEFEND itself. It doesn't have to.

  2. Thank you ladies (and my biggest supporters).
    I'm still on a learning curve and can't wait to share my victories. Each one is a step in the positive direction!