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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just For The Sake of It

Writing just for the sake of writing.  To some this just doesn't make sense.  To writers it is essential to their craft.  But, what if you literally have nothing interesting or valuable to write about.  Should you still do it?

I've pondered this question since my last post.  Should I go the commercial route and talk about all the AVON products (which I sell) that have really made a difference to my beauty routine?  Should I talk about the evolution of my preference for cats and my relationships with them?  Should I go on and on about how great I think my kids are?  Been there, done that.  Should I 'copy' other bloggers and share my favorite recipe?  Should I just make shit up?  No, not really my style although it would be an interesting challenge for me.  Should I trash my favorite or least favorite celebrity?  Should I step into the world of politics?...And the list of things to talk about goes on and on.

So, when it comes down to it, writing for the sake of writing can actually get your mind racing (if you have the ability to think and type/write at the same time).  Oh, the spontaneity of it all.  What a glorious feeling to just purge (God, I love that word!) your ever-loving mind.  A brain dump, if you will.  Oh, what the hell is the term, free-association?  No, it's on the tip of my know the thing you do with a bunch of people around a table with an easel and someone is writing stuff down as people blurt out shit...oh yeah, BRAINSTORMING!  Boy, old age is a bitch!

Anyhow, I'm down to only five posts (after this one) and I need to generate some ideas for what to write about.  And, I think this post today, which I wrote just for the sake of it, steered me in a new direction.

Thank you dear brain!

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