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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Live 4 2 Day!

Live 4 2 Day!

This is a motivational phrase I have emblazoned on my cell phone and it appears every time I push a button and the screen lights up.  Most times I ignore it.  It's only when I am changing my wallpaper picture that I pay attention.  I mostly want to make sure that this saying does not fade into the background of the picture.

But do I really pay attention to the words, live for today?

No, not really.  At least most days.  Monday through Friday when I'm inevitably at home doing the same ritualistic things week to week I am just existing.  The weekends are a different story, though.

During the weekend is when I have freedom to roam and hang out with my favorite people, my family.  I also get to spend time with my best friend, my mom.  My mother and I enjoy eachothers company in addition to having the familial connection.  We are two different people, separated by a generation.  But, we are never afraid to get our feet wet in the others life experience.  For instance, we each have an appreciation for the music we grew up with.  I am still amazed and proud that my mother never stopped growing in her musical taste when she reached adulthood, got married, and had a family.  I don't know many 71-year-olds who would go to a Who/Eric Clapton concert and truly enjoy it.  My mother continues to listen to the contemporary rock radio station and can name most of the bands.  Similarly, I am well-versed in the music she grew up with in the 50's and have enjoyed many an Elvis song or "Coasters and Friends" revival musical presentation.  But, our respect for each other goes beyond music.

We embrace the same mentality of enjoying life within your means and treating yourself well.  If this means visiting your favorite store for some retail therapy and indulging in a purchase then so be it.  It can also mean venturing out to a new restaurant and experiencing the newness of the atmosphere, service, and food.  At times there is a movie I hear about and drag my mother to accompany me.  Our record is about 50/50.  Half the time I like her cinema choices and half the time she feels neutral about my selections.  But, we learn from each other.  We are able to retain our distinct personalities.  We anticipate the others reaction because we are in tune with our differences.

My mother and I live for the weekends.  She escapes from the tediousness of her Monday through Friday job.  And, I fulfill the feeling of being a human being on the weekends.  We reflect on the past, we plan for the future, but overwhelmingly our motto is "live for today".  Especially on the weekends!

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