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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reasons to Move

I didn't really have high expectations after the fourth week on my weight loss journey because, frankly, I thought I gained (menstrual) weight.  I tend to bloat big-time during the week of monthly hell when my friend pays a visit.  Yep, even at my increasing age Flo says 'hello'.  But,...

I'm down 12 pounds after four weeks of following the Diet Center program.  That averages to about three pounds a weeks which is still good especially considering my lack of exercise.  Yes, every week I vow to start moving my fat ass and every week I fail.  Now that the weather is warming up and spring is in the air I am running out of excuses but I am coming up with reasons to incorporate at least a daily walk into my routine:

  • Walking will help my weight loss.
  • I can enjoy the blooming buds on the trees and daffodils near the mail box.
  • The weather is warmer so the sweat will be sweeter.
  • I can enjoy the birds singing and the ducks quacking near the creek.
  • I have no excuse not to go outside.
  • Walking will get me in shape for all of the yard work I plan to do this spring.
  • Fresh air does a body good.
  • If I recruit a buddy I will have a partner to help motivate me.
As you can see, there really is no valid excuse not to at least walk in my neighborhood a couple of times a week even if I just start with ten minutes a day.  Oh, and another one I forgot to add to the's FREE!  I thought about perhaps joining Curves (again) but since I don't have access to a car during the week joining is not cost-effective.

I am kind of bummed to find out that the center I go to will be closing at the end of March and the closest office to me is in Cary which is easily 40 minutes away.  I'm not sure I am able to do this on my own quite yet because I enjoy the support from my counselor, my weekly weigh-in by a third party, and the access to their products (which are not required).  I still need a source to hold me accountable for my choices and to steer me in the right direction.  Well, at least I have a month or so to come up with a strategy.

I enjoy real food so Weight Watchers may work for me but the other (two) times I went I ended up pregnant; probably no connection but nonetheless ironic.  But, if I went to a weekly meeting and weigh-in I would get the accountability but no one-on-one counseling.  Nutri-System and Jenny Craig?  Too expensive and I really don't like the pre-packaged food.  Learning how to eat real food and to conduct yourself in real situations especially at restaurants is so important.  Besides, these pre-packaged foods must have chemicals and preservatives in them and I really want to avoid that.  Sensa, again a chemical, seems hokey.  Herbalife never worked for me and living on protein bars is not filling enough for me while I'm feeling deprived.  Doctor weight-loss clinics (like Medifast and Physician's Weight-Loss) seem too expensive.  And, finally, surgery?  Definitely NOT for me!  So, we'll see what I come up with.

"See less of you next week!"

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