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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Concentrate on the Positive

While this week has not been monumental in the weight-loss department (20 pounds after eight weeks), I choose to focus on the positive things that happened this week.

  1. I did not gain weight, I lost it.
  2. I received an unexpected package in the mail from a dear friend who saw something and thought of me!
  3. I had more energy than I've had in the last two years and accomplished some spring cleaning and reduced household clutter that has been laying around for years (literally, years).
  4. I saw my cardiologist and he praised me for my weight-loss success and gave me an 'A+'.
  5. I do not have to see my heart doctor until next year.
  6. My blood pressure has improved.
  7. Some clothes that I purchased are too big; a catch-22 since I like them but I won't be able to wear them. 
  8. Goodbye 3X, 2X (almost), and XX-Large (Old Navy).
  9. I am consistently writing a blog post at least once a week to document my journey and progress.
  10. I am looking forward to gardening and yard work which I have been unable to do for two years.
Another big item I've been considering is getting rid of my vinyl album collection and old stereo.  On the one hand I want to keep it because it brings back memories and I enjoy reminiscing about the past.  On the other hand, I am on a mission to simplify and de-clutter my entire house.  The albums and stereo have become an eyesore to me.  If I had a space dedicated to all things music and entertainment I could compartmentalize so many items like:  records, video game consoles and equipment, and guitars and a piano keyboard.  Unfortunately, we just don't have the extra space.  I've always thought about converting the garage to a 'playroom' but that would require funding and besides, the garage is my husband's domain.

So, to discard my music collection is a huge step for me.  Holding on to these items is like me clinging to the past.  I don't want to regret this decision.  I know there are some vinyl aficionados out there that think I am crazy to even entertain such a move.  I've thought about listing my collection for sale on Craig's List.  But, deep down getting rid of this history and joy would be like losing something you love.  In times of desperation, I have sold things I've collected and appreciated on E-bay.  I needed the money at the time.  But, looking back, I regret some of these decisions.  Music has always given me joy and hope.  Music can alter my mood and bring me out of a funk.  It is a type of therapy.  So, I had about 150 cassettes that I collected (mostly in the 1980's) and sold that collection.  I had over 100 CD's and sold them. 

When I first began my record collection it was only a few years ago.  While I grew up with vinyl record albums the ones I had as a child were lost somewhere between college and moving on to adulthood.  I happened to spot a stereo with a number of crates of record albums at a yard sale a few years ago.  Immediately, I had the bright idea to 'invest' in this collection as a way to make money on E-bay.  I continued to frequent yard sales and add to my collection.  I learned about the potential value of vinyl through sources such as the Goldmine guide.  E-bay and vinyl became a profitable hobby at one time.  But, after getting burned a couple of times on E-bay I decided to keep whatever was left of the collection to myself.  Most of my collection is classical, opera, and a mix of 1970's soft rock.  When I visit our local used book store and more I always check out their clearance vinyl.  It is just a fun thing to do.  Again, a hobby.  But, as we know from watching shows like 'Hoarders', hobbies can get out of control.

So, this week I continue to struggle with the big decision of what to do with my collection that has been my coping mechanism and part of my 'therapy' these past few years.  I have to decide what is more important to me, getting rid of eyesores or holding onto things that make you feel good.  Perhaps there's a happy medium somewhere in there?

My mission this week is to find that place!


  1. Congrats Pam on the weight loss!!!!! There is a definite change in 'tude in your air of confidence. ;) I am a big proponent of purging old stuff which weighs one down (feng shui encourages de-cluttering), so perhaps selling the record collection is symbolic of shedding the extra weight. Or, you could pare it down to a few faves. :)

    All the best wishes for continued success.

    xo Jenny

  2. Jenny, you are awesome! Thank you so much for your continued words of encouragement and sharing your perspective. I love your suggestion and totally am a fan of feng shui. I know I will feel better getting rid of the past (old reminders?) and overall clutter. I agree that there is definite symbolism in the action. I'm working on it...