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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Day After

Well, it's the day after my son came home from college and I realize, there's just not enough time in one day.  And, as I get older, I realize my energy only lasts for so long.

I got my butt out of bed this morning by 6:45 a.m.  I just had so much on my mind and while I tried to shut my eyes and catch a few more z's it just wasn't happening.

After sorting all of his laundry and our laundry I ended up with a pile of:  whites, blacks, blues, reds, yellows/browns, and greens/greys.  Six loads of laundry and I'm petered out.  I still have one in the dryer, one to be dried, and one in the washer.

In between getting all of these loads done I had other chores to get to.  My plan was to make eggplant parmagiana before the eggplant went bad.  So, by 8:30 and while my first and second load were in their various cycles of cleanliness, I made the eggplant.  I cut it, dredged it in egg, covered it in bread crumbs, and cooked it in olive oil.  When it was cool, I place it in my Corning baking dish and assembled it with the sauce, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese.  I'll bake it later this afternoon.

Then, while watching The Real Housewives of Orange County repeat show on the CW channel I checked my e-mails and printed out forms that I need to fill out for the oral surgeon.  You see, Justin should be getting his wisdom teeth out (or at least two of them) within the next two weeks.  So, that should be fun!

Then, I worked in a couple more loads of laundry.  Read the Sunday paper and clipped coupons while Rachael Ray was on in the background.  Finally, Justin woke up and came down for breakfast (at around noon).  Made him his bagel and had my lunch.

After we refueled our bodies we went up to his room and rearranged all of his clothes in his closet and drawers.  He selected the clothes he no longer wanted.  And, I went through these and sorted the ones to be donated to Goodwill and the ones I can pass off either to David or Nicolas.  That's the good thing about having three men in the house.  They can and eventually do wear each other's clothes.  It's like I've been running my own consignment shop for fifteen years.

Finally, I remembered that I had to complete a blog post for today.  So, I'm taking a little break before I finish the last of the laundry and get started on dinner.  Writing is very therapeutic for me, as I've mentioned before.  I'm glad I'm 'making' myself do at least one entry a day for the month of May.  Perhaps it will start a good habit.

This day has been a good exercise in time management and a challenge to get everything done in one day.

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