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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Female Hangover

Last night my mom was lucky enough to get two free passes for a special showing of the new movie, "Bridesmaids", showing at the North Hills cinema in Raleigh, NC.

I have not laughed so much in months!

This movie was well worth the hour-long wait in line.  While the theater was packed and typically I would never attend an opening night of a movie because I just hate crowds, in the end it didn't bother me too much.  The entire crowd laughed at all the 'right' parts.  This was such a fun movie.  Dirty and disgusting in parts, sex from the opening scene.  But, all in all, good comedy.

Of course there are the Saturday Night Live alums that are the star cast members.  Kristen Wiig is hilarious and endearing.  Her chemistry with Maya Rudolph is on point.  My favorite of the night was Melissa McCarthy who was just outrageous.  This wonderful actress drew my attention during her days on "Samantha Who?" with Christina Applegate.  She is currently seen her new show called, "Mike & Molly" of which I have yet to see because I guess the constant fat jokes and blatant obesity is bothersome to me.  However, Melissa is fresh and unique and energetic and really adds to the hilarity of "Bridesmaids".

There are a couple of actors I recognized from stints  on the show, "The Office".  Ellie Kemper who plays Erin on The Office, Wendi McLendon-Covey who played concierge Marie, and Andy Buckley who played David Wallace all make an appearance in "Bridesmaids".  Wendi's character is outrageous and steals a number of the scenes in "Bridesmaids".

Jill Clayburgh is nicely matched as the mother of Kristen Wiig's character, Annie.  In her last film appearance before she passed away in 2010, Jill brings back fond memories of her extensive filmography.  Some of my favorite Jill Clayburgh films include  "An Unmarried Woman" and "Starting Over".

It would be a huge oversight not to mention the appearance of "Mad Men"'s hunky and handsome Jon Hamm.  Included in a sexy opening scene with Kristen Wiig it is hard to ignore this piece of candy.  But, his character is a bit of a cad and it makes you wonder if this wasn't much of a stretch for Jon.

Of course and as with any comedy there are some corny and predictable moments but all in all the movie, "Bridesmaids" will make you laugh a number of times and chances are you will enjoy the experience.  It is the female equivalent of "The Hangover".

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