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Friday, May 13, 2011

Slacking Off

So, you may have noticed that I'm having difficulty keeping my promise to submit one blog per day during the month of May.  Today will be the second (or third) time that I'm having to complete two blog entries in one day in order to play catch up.  I am so disappointed in myself.

About an hour ago I was laying in my bed thinking, "forget it; I just won't do yet another thing on my list".  It has been a long, long time since I created a goal and actually achieved the same goal.  It is an extra challenge to accomplish anything when you're just not feeling good about yourself.  Oh, woe is me.  Let's have another pity party for Pamela.  Boo fuckin' hoo.

Hey, but at least I got my fat ass out of bed and am sitting at the computer typing away at this very moment.  I guess I did have it in me anyway.  Wow, wonders never cease!

I have a new appreciation and respect for those bloggers who make their daily post come hell or high water.  Some times, I'll have to admit, it is a struggle to come up with something to write about.  You almost feel like you can't get away with it if you go all 'Seinfeld' in a blog.  This is my weak attempt at a reference to the premise of Seinfeld in which it is, admittedly, a show about 'nothing'.  Can a blog be about 'nothing'?

Yup, it sure can!

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