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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Longer a Freshman; Time for Summer

Down to the wire...gotta get my daily post in...come hell or high water...and before my television shows start this evening!

What did I do today?  Well, I drove the three-hour round-trip to pick up my son from college.  He just finished his first year.  I am proud of him (although I have not seen his spring semester grades as of yet).

This year of having him be away from home was necessary and challenging.  Having Justin go away to college was very important for not only his growth as a young adult but my growth as a mother.  Believe me, there were many a day, especially back in the fall of 2010, when I would weep at the thought of him . I would pull out my checkbook and see his senior picture staring back at me through the wallet-sized window and think, "Oh, I've lost my baby...where has the time gone?".  

But, there were snippets of reassurance from the many texts and few telephone conversations that we had throughout the last couple of months.  Certain things Justin said and reflections he made told me that he reached a new phase of maturity.  It gave me the feeling that I did a pretty good job as mother preparing him for the 'real' world.  

I'm sure there were some (many) things that I did not prepare him for especially when it comes to living and being with people of many different cultures and backgrounds.  That kind of thing is the most valuable benefit of going away to college and being on your own.  You are forced to make decisions, sometimes moral, sometimes immoral, at the drop of a hat and based on your circumstances.  You are confronted with making friendships that may last or ones that may burn quickly.  You 're immersed in an observation tank of human behavior.  Sometimes you get sucked in.  Sometimes a true friend will lend a hand and pull you out of the murky water.

Year one is done.  Now, we face the summer of even more growth and independence.  I'll try to loosen the leash and even let him fly, perhaps as a kite, as I will hold the string and pull him in when need be.  After all, he is my son.  And, I am lucky to be his mother, forever!

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