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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mission For The Month Of May

So, what if I actually spent an entire month trying to do a daily blog?  Well, I already failed (I missed yesterday).  But, I'm still gonna take on this mission and see if I can actually stick with at least one commitment in my life (um, besides being faithful in my marriage).

For the month of May I pledge to complete at least one blog a day.  Today, May 2nd, I will complete two entries because I only thought of this challenge last night when I was busy trying to relax my mind and fall asleep.  Ha.

One of the obstacles writers create for themselves is editing their words even before they hit the paper (or the screen/monitor).  We try to hide under the guise of being 'perfect' in our words or expression.  We second guess ourselves when we think of something to write about and then assess whether or not it is relevant, petty, or too controversial.

Writers have to embrace their freedom of expression and go with the flow of their thoughts.  Write from the heart.  Just let the words spew out of the mind through the fingers (if you're typing).  It's like a brain dump that I find is necessary because if I go too long without writing something it just clogs up my cerebral file cabinets.  I end up having sleepless nights and days where I drag my butt from mind-exhaustion.

The other thing writers get bogged down with is the thought of "am I good enough?".  Since I've never been formally trained or don't hold a degree in English literature from a distinguished university will what I say have meaning and impact?  Will people take me seriously or even care what I have to say?

It is hard to shed the cloak we cuddle under for protection from others' criticism.  Most of us work hard to build our self-esteem and purposely putting ourselves in a position of possibly chipping away at our confidence is like playing with fire.  We are subject to scorching from other peoples observations and commentary.

But, I feel, if you are a true writer and enjoy the liberty of freedom of expression, then the potential hazards are the risks we are willing to take.  In a sense you have to embrace the notion of  something the Beastie Boys said in one of their songs, "and if you don't like (it) then hey, fuck you!".

Writers have to be selfish in their craft.  If they are feeling or thinking it they should say it.  It is the epitome of an authentic catharsis.  What gets in the way of revealing our truth is the game of political correctness when we tiptoe through the words available to us and pick and choose based on whether some person or group will be offended by our observations.  Doing this is a disservice to ourselves, never mind our audience.

So, I will now offer words of encouragement to me (because, yes, I am a selfish writer).

"Take the time to express yourself!  Time is our most valuable resource because we can never get it back.  Our words are our most unique possession because they come from the mind and flow through our heart.  Let's use our time wisely and be who we are."

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